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Trek-Segafredo press conference [31-03-17 20:04 by staff] 

Takeaways Trek-Segafredo press conference ahead of Flanders
Luca Guercilena, General Manager, Trek-Segafredo, about the renewal of the sponsorship deal with CA Technologies:
“Trek-Segafredo is very excited to partner once again with CA Technologies. Agility goes hand-in-hand with cycling, and this wider collaboration with CA Technologies will help the team turn more great ideas into great outcomes and ensure we maintain our ‘race to win’ mission. CA Technologies already plays a vital role in team collaboration, and their innovative program management solution will take this a step further-optimizing both team efficiency and project planning.”

Peter Simpson, Vice President Regional Marketing EMEA, CA Technologies:
“Last year at exactly the same moment we announced that we would partner up with Trek-Segafredo. So, today, one year later, we are very happy to come back here to announce that we are increasing our investment in the sponsorship and are also extending this sponsorship agreement through 2019.”

Lauren Flaherty, Chief Marketing Officer, CA Technologies:
“Our partnership with Trek-Segafredo provides us with an opportunity to showcase how our capabilities improve the cycling team’s performance through digital transformation and offers us the opportunity to reach even more customers.”

“As part of the new sponsorship agreement, joint marketing activities, including additional hospitality and social media activities, will also add to the significant brand exposure already achieved by both parties.”

John Degenkolb, about his last preparations for Flanders:

“I was very relaxed after Ghent-Wevelgem. I went home for a few days to try to relax and recover as much as possible. We did a very good recon ride yesterday, the weather was really amazing, it was truly something special to be able to do this without legwarmers.”

John Degenkolb, about his first season with Trek-Segafredo:

“In general, you never stop developing as a rider, you get never to a point that you think: ‘okay, now I am settled’. You always have to work on yourself and on the team. It’s like in a relationship, you know. It has to come from both sides to make it successful. This team has really a lot of experience but of course I bring my own experience as well and we shared all this to learn from each other. Personally, I am very happy with how the preparation went. We had a good winter and we made a good race program and everything went really smoothly. The only thing we miss is a really good result, but I am not getting nervous about it. I know the very important work is done and we can be confident to face the big races now.”

John Degenkolb, about Flanders
“It’s clear that Van Avermaet and Sagan are very strong, but at the same time the strength of our whole team was not far away from their level and this makes us confident to go into the next races.”

“We have two big races to come, for me the most important races in the season. For me it was nice to see I could make it with them over the top of a hard climb. Everybody was at his limit their and there was no place to hide at that moment.”

“It’s always hard to compare your shape from year to year, but I definitely feel good and all my values show that I am on my best level. Of course, everything depends as well of your form of the day and in races like Flanders everything has to be perfect and has to come together. If you lack a little bit of luck, it is already not good enough anymore.”

“When we look at our strong team, it’s in our favor that the fights start so early because we have really strong riders that are able to cover the early breaks. We should not be scared, even if the results of the last race were not as we wished for, the spirit in the team is really good. Already in in Ghent-Wevelgem we were really a lot better and that gives a lot of confidence.”

“No, I won’t tell you the tactics for Sunday (laughs). We have different cards to play and that is one of our advantages. For sure we don’t have to put all the cards on the table right now.”

Jasper Stuyven, about Flanders
“Like John said, we have multiple cards to play, it’s not only him and me, Edward Theuns and Fabio Felline are riding strong as well. We really need to use the strength of the team and of course John showed he can finish it off but I am still convinced that our other cards can finish it off as well.”

Jasper Stuyven, looking back at his preparation for Flanders:

“I felt really good going into the Classics, so even with an off-day in Harelbeke I don’t start in Flanders with a lack of confidence in myself. The shape is still there, you don’t lose that because of one off-day.

Edward Theuns, about his role in the team for Flanders:

“I think it’s clear I won’t be the leader this Sunday but I believe in Ghent-Wevelgem I have done a good role as a direct support by trying to be really active in the race so that the other guys could save their legs. I think I can do the same in Flanders. I know I don’t have to wait until the last time we pass the Kwaremont, I will have to be present way earlier and keep an eye on interesting attacks.”

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